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    Hi All,

    I am a researcher, and my research topic is related to the wellbeing of workers in Amazon Mechanical Turk. I am posting this thread here to interact with workers and figure out issues that cause them stress because of Mturk work so we can make appropriate strategies for improvement. Below I am giving an example of some of the issues (which may or may not be relevant for all). Please contribute if you can highlight other issues you think are important and causing stress

    · Low pay
    · Negative feedback
    · Task Rejection
    · Time pressure
    · Monotonous work
    · Little control (maybe in terms of task requirement)
    · Limited availability of HITs
    · Spending longer time than earning

    NOTE: Just to mention this is not a HIT task nor any payments are related to it. We welcome suggestions write one to three words if you want to contribute voluntarily in it. The purpose of the post is to identify common issues so we can design related surveys based on issues highlighted here in the future. I appreciate your time and effort. Thanks!
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    Depending on the subject you are researching (I have sporadically done many HITS myself over the years and I have also posted HITS for mturkers) you are going to want to be very clear in describing what your research entails and give detailed instructions.

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