mTurk Resources

mTurk Consultant is a great resource for requesters who are new to mTurk. The creator of the website offers assistance to requesters with coding hit assignments and qualifying workers. The owner uses his expertise and knowledge of mTurk to assist requesters with building efficient and effective hits.

Turker Nation was the original forum for Amazon Mechanical Turk. This forum initially started on the Proboards platform. Turker Nation is home to many experienced turkers. Additionally, the forum also attracts mTurk requesters who communicate special hits to Turker Nation members. By joining Turker Nation, you will be more successful on Amazon Mechanical Turk.

Turk Opticon

TurkOpticon was created to give turkers a voice on mTurk. The site utilizes a rating system that allows turkers to rate requesters on mTurk. By viewing feedback about requesters, turkers can make educated decisions working for a particular requesters. TurkOpticon has successfully added transparency to the mTurk community.

Transcriptress is a great source for anyone who wants to become a master transcriber on mTurk. The founder of the website has created an eBook which details the most efficient way to transcribe on mTurk. Check out today for more information on mTurk transcription.

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