Mturk Forum Rules

1) One account.

In order to strengthen the foundation of our community, you are only permitted to have one account on mTurk Forum. In the past, users created multiple accounts to troll the forum and deliberately attack other users. If you create more than one account then both accounts will be banned. Additionally, you are only allowed one account per household.

2) No soliciting.

Soliciting on mTurk Forum is strictly prohibited. Soliciting includes, but is not limited to, advertising competing forums and chat services through posts, private messages, and messaging services. Preventing unauthorized solicitation is the key to creating a safe, focused, and thriving community. This isn't craigslist. However, we do acknowledge that there are helpful 3rd party resources for turkers (click here).

3) Respect others.

Respect your fellow turkers. Directly attacking a member on mTurk Forum is strictly prohibited. Respect the admin team. Staff at mTurk Forum work diligently to insure that mTurk Forum remains a valuable resource for turkers. Respect requesters. Please do not post any survey content or personal information. Additionally, obscene text and images are prohibited.