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Thread: SpamQual blocking access to HITs?

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    Default SpamQual blocking access to HITs?

    This is an issue my friend is having. I believe its the SpamQualForMultipleImages rating. His is 13 (it needs to be under 13 to do the HITs). What causes this rating and will it ever naturally go down over time?

    It's been over a week since he's been able to do 7 cent RnRs and all his other ratings are decent enough that he should still be allowed to work on them. Or is he just blocked from them forever now? I told him to send them a message, but from what I've heard they never communicate with workers :/

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    Default they never respond

    the same scenario is with me brother, and the bitter truth is that its never gonna get low it will remain 13 till the world's end. I don't know what this RnR guys actually is. When you start to love the HITs he blocks you and never ever reply to your kind and even unkind mails, as a result your global quality score will drop down. This shit happened to me, when I mailed him and put some abusive comments on turkopticon my global quality score went down to 49 from 91.

    So, forget what has happened and move on. Do not look back. That's the way you work with RnR.

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    Well, my spamqual just changed today and I can't do these hits anymore... randomly after 3 days back working on his hits.... Oh well.
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