Hiya, I'm Jimmie. I'm pretty new to mturk, I signed up a couple of years ago but never actually did anything until recently (I'm just shy of 100 hits right now). I got several of the tampermonkey scripts downloaded and right now my goal is to just get enough hits under my belt to get qualified for transcription stuff.

I'm currently not able to work, so I'm hoping that mturk is something I can learn how to utilize efficiently to get some pocket money in the meantime. I'm still kind of figuring out my way around, so far the hardest thing for me has been picking up on the lingo, lol.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to it, I've actually enjoyed most of the hits I've done so far (altho Im a little anxious bc I think I just messed up some of the receipt transcribing ones and I was on such a roll for a while ugh... no one but myself to blame for that, hopefully i can make up for it!).