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Thread: **Bluejay Guaranteed Bonuses for 20 Questions**

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    Default **Bluejay Guaranteed Bonuses for 20 Questions**

    Hey All,

    We've been getting some good traction for our HIT campaign for guaranteed bonuses.

    If you haven't done the pre-qualification survey go ahead and do it.

    Once done you will be added to our qualification groups, where you get the opportunity to create 20 questions concerning U.S. Open golf.

    After you've done the 20 questions send me an email at to claim your bonus.

    Look for HITs under bluejaylabs specifically Golf Interest Survey Phase II to get qualified.

    Thank you guys, let's have an awesome weekend!
    Official Bluejay Labs Account: We sponsor HIT's to study how people ask and answer questions in English. If you have any questions / comments / suggestions / anything - please send it to our email account - Forum messages will be handled, but it might take a little longer to respond. We love to hear from you guys, and we try to respond to everyone's emails as quickly as possible!

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    Are you planning on opening up the qual again?

    Or new quals for new hits?

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