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    Hello, all. Here for the obligatory introduce-yourself post. Hi. My name is Mark. [Membership: Hi, Mark!] I'm a turker. I just started, so probably have more questions to contribute than otherwise. I do have to say that, for a forum serving such a large community, this one seems rather thin. Is that because everybody's working hard at turking with no time for kaffeklatsching?

    Anyway. I just started working MTurk seriously about a week ago, though I signed up at the beginning of June. I just last night passed my 100-hits threshold and am headed now for 1000 hits. My approval rate at the moment stands at .988.

    I'm guessing that most people sort of specialize with the kind(s) of hits they're most comfortable with, but I'm trying to get a varied experience before I try to lock that down for myself. At the moment, I find myself liking transcription tasks. I seem to have a nack for pattern recognition that makes it easy for me to do a sort-of manual OCR on dodgy images. I also like the "Is this item present?" hits, but those don't seem too common. Or, maybe, my Hit Scraper settings are screening them out, though I try to keep those as non-specific as I can, to get the most hits available, as I'm going for numbers right now. Any tips on that?

    Anyway. Good to be here. Hopeful for the future. I see this kind of thing as the future-of-work for ever more people. Enjoy your holiday. Good turking.


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    Heya I am newish as well. I have had an account for a long while, but I just recently started cracking down and making this a thing. Almost halfway to 1000! Woop woop! I am glad I rediscovered this forum!

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