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Thread: Requester Views on Blocking

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    Default Requester Views on Blocking

    I found an interesting thread on the AWS Developer Forum today concerning blocking.

    (to my knowledge, you do not have to have an account to read the forum).

    Requesters sharing their lists of bad workers; who would have thought it?

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    That was an interesting read.

    Thanks for posting.

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    I mean, we do it with them but why should it be private for them? They can see their reputation clear as day on our forums, but we can't see ours on theirs? Usual perceived privilege of the employer. It's not enough for there to be a simple transaction of work for resources. They're not satisfied unless there are privileges they get on top of that.

    (And this is why the idea of a completely unfettered free market society always breaks down--the ones with the money always think they deserve more privilege, and thus the trust in a simple trading of goods and services for resources is broken and the working class becomes onery, meanwhile the business class never realises THEY'RE the ones that created the class divide in the first place by assigning themselves privileges they thought they deserved.)

    Mturk can be unfair and draconian in these banning policies and our forums and TO are there to protect us from that. There are things they can do to protect themselves if they are worried about their reputation, but no, they want more consideration from mturk when what little they get is far more than we do.
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    This is something a few people are building themselves, for themselves. Theres nothing privileged about that, nor are they seeking any special consideration.

    One of them did make this database public, and workers threw a fit so it was immediately made private again

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