We are looking for a couple Turkers who have done a significant number of Alegion tasks to speak a journalist on our behalf. The journalist is writing a story in a tier 1 magazine regarding the role of crowdsourcing and building training data for Artificial Intelligence. As most of you know, a large portion of tasks are used to train algorithms. Nearly all of Alegion's customers use the workforce to collect, clean, or describe their data so they can teach their Algorithms to make predictions. There is an irony that the pursuit of Artificial Intelligence is creating new work for humans that didn't exist before. This human work is what fuels the AI surge that will not be stopping anytime soon. I believe that Alegion will be over 1MM tasks a day by the end of 2018, and 80% of those will be used for AI training.

Please email us direct (info@alegion.com) if you are interested in being interviewed. Include your full name and your Turk ID along with a basic turk history including Alegion work. You will be able to hide your identity from publication if you choose.

Thanks everyone and feel free to distribute to other forums.