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Thread: General mTurk Terms & Glossary For New Turkers

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    Exclamation General mTurk Terms & Glossary For New Turkers

    mTurk Terms & Glossary

    If you are new to the forum, you may notice people using a lot of abbreviations and terms that you don't know the definition for. Here are some basic abbreviations and terms commonly used by members of the forum.

    General Terms
    • TO – Turkopticon. A system to review requesters.
    • TA - TurkAlert. A HIT notification system.
    • AMT/mTurk - Shorthand ways of referring to Mechanical Turk
    • QC - Quality Control. Ways requesters check your accuracy on HITs
    • Batch/Batch HIT - Groups of smaller, simple tasks that pay well when you work on them as a whole.
    • Soft Block - A requester uses this to prevent you from doing a specific type of HIT again. Does NOT affect account standing.
    • Hard Block - A requester uses this to prevent you from working for them ever again. This affects your account standing. Get 3, and you will be banned from mTurk.
    • Transcription - Listening to audio and transcribing what is said.

    • General Research/Crowdsourcing
      • CS - CrowdSource. One of the best known requesters on Mechanical Turk. Known for their Keyword Search and URL Ranking HITs.
      • CF - CrowdFlower. Similar to CrowdSource, but with different HITs. NOTE: There is another requester with the name CF. Most of the time, when you see CF, the poster is referring to CrowdFlower
      • MC - MedCrowd. Well known for their Collect Medical Information HITs.
      • RNR - ProductRNR, a commonly worked requester.
    • Transcription
      • CW - CastingWords
      • RW - Redwood
      • SI - SpeechInk
      • CT - ClariTrans

    All four transcription requesters have different specifications. Be sure to read the instructions and provide what they want.

    Written by Cowfin
    Thanks to : abrahamrohithroy, Kris, leelu, Moutheater, and RWStein for contributing.
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