I have tried to withdraw money from Mturk. I hit the withdraw link and it takes me to my Amazon Payment account. Yet, there's no money in it. I contacted Amazon about it. Their first response was that I have 2 accounts and the money is in ID- W56866T767G74289C67494B839763Q10648. I kid you not, they are saying this is my ID as if I could actually figure out my problem from that crazy ID.

I had to contact them again about this and their response was that I have 3 (was 2 but now 3) Amazon Payment accounts. One is closed, one is active with the verification pending and the other one is completely verified. The verified account has my Mturk money and uses a different password than the other 2. Ok, that wasn't really helpful, but getting somewhere I guess.

So I went back, used old emails and passwords. I was able to log into it using those old emails but again, none of them had my money in it. So, I told them this. Their response this time was that I have 3 Amazon Payment account all with the same email address (they provided which email). They sent me a password reset link, but that was to Amazon.com and it didn't do anything. I looked into it more and their payment website clearly states that you can't use the same email with different passwords, so how is that possible? I tried that email, with different passwords and nothing worked. I'm currently waiting for their response on that problem. Anyone had this problem? Did it ever get fixed? I use the link they provide for them to call me, but I never got their call, and this has nothing to do with the 10 or 14 day pay period thing. I hope someone else can help me!