2-Week Study on New Mobile Tool for Managing/Finding HITs. ($50)

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    Hi folks!

    I'm recruiting participants for an upcoming research study on using a new mobile application for smartphones that allows crowdworkers to manage their HIT queue and find new HITs while away from their workstation.

    I. Study Timeline and Overview
    The study will run for two weeks in length, starting on December 6th and ending on December 20th. At the beginning of Week 1, you will be asked to install several pieces of technology:
    1. A modified version of the MTurk Suite browser extension,
    2. The PIEL Survey app on your smartphone, and;
    3. Activity logging software that tracks information about the computer window is in focus (i.e. title, application name, duration).
    At the beginning of Week 2, you will be asked to install one additional piece of technology:
    1. Our study’s mobile application on your smartphone device.
    At the end of the study, we will conduct a 15-minute interview with you about your experience in using the system to better understand how it has changed how you spend your time while working and while not working. After the interview has concluded, we will provide you with instructions from removing all study-related software from your machine.

    II. Participation Requirements
    In order to participate in the study, you must:
    • Be at least 18 years of age and live in the United States.
    • Plan to work regularly across the entire two-week study period from December 4th - 18th.
    • Be available for a 15-minute audio-only interview via Zoom after the study has concluded.
    • Own and regularly use an Android or iOS smartphone with a reliable Internet connection.
    • Regularly intend to work at least 25 hours per week on Amazon Mechanical Turk.
    • Use MTurk Suite as your primary tool, or one of your primary tools, as a crowdworker.

    III. Remuneration
    Participation in our study will be rewarded with a $50 Amazon gift card. Alongside the monetary reward, you will be invited to continue to use the tool after the study has concluded.

    IV. Desire to Participate
    Participation is limited, and comes on a first-come, first-serve basis. If you are interested in participating in this study, please contact Alex Williams (acw@utk.edu) immediately. Please feel free to forward this e-mail to those who may also be interested.

    This study has been reviewed and approved by the University of California, Irvine’s Office of Research IRB board (HS#: 2020-5793).

    As a final note, this is my first time posting to MTurk Forum. Feel free to let me know if I'm missed anything important or worthy of noting. :)

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