20 Tips To Pay Some Bills with Mturk - Proof

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    1. Grind

    2. This Forum

    3. Hit Scraper

    4. 100/1000/5000 > hit goals

    5. Panda (Very important on bigger hits, $1,$3, $5, $10, $25, $50)

    6. TurkOpticon - Learn It

    7. Don't undervalue your time.

    8. Do struggle through below min. wage.

    9. Think business hours (college hours, college research)

    10. Realize if tedious/repeating work is not for you. ADHD. :rolleyes:

    11. Pay attention to hard blocks, get them reversed. I think 3 is the limit, you will get an email.

    12. Realize Amazon doesn't care, you are on your own.

    13. Think you're doing better, it will continue.

    14. At the beginning, its going to be frustrating.

    15. Ask questions on here.

    16. Learn hot times. Check the hit scraper, forum often.

    17. Pin tabs of panda/hitscraper, and this website, http://mturkpl.us/

    18. Remember $15 dollars a day is a cool $5,750 dollars a year. Working everyday adds up.

    19. Don't believe the reviews you've read about mturk online. Those people are more focused on making their sites money, and not really giving mturk a good ol college try.

    20. GRIND

    Proof Of Income
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    oh wow this is interesting! thanks for sharing..
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