Comp.Social.Science @ GTRI-HSID: *LAST* batch of HITs is up!

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    The *LAST*set of HITs is out for our current research study... As before with our recent batches, these HITs are graded -- that means there is the opportunity to earn a BONUS (double the HIT pay) if you do well at matching the "wisdom of the crowd".

    Once all the slots for these three HITs are completed, we'll be done for this study -- thanks for all your help!

    The three HIT types are here:

    For example:

    Title: Case 7 - Pick the word that does not belong. (Takes about 2-5 minutes, total). $0.50 with BONUS!
    Requester: GTRI-HSID [A3GUV8497X98DC] (TO)
    TO Ratings:
    4.85 Communicativity
    4.86 Generosity
    4.94 Fairness
    4.88 Promptness
    Number of Reviews: 66
    (Submit a new TO rating for this requester)

    Description: Judge 25 items for which word does not belong in the set. Each judgment takes less than 30 seconds (usually, between 10-20 seconds for most people).
    Time: 15 minutes
    Reward: $0.25
    Qualifications: English Word Intrusion Evaluation Test is not less than 80, Word Intrusion Re-take Qualification (checks if WI HITs have already been done) has not been granted

    As a side note, since some have asked in emails: the BONUSes have already been sent for prior batches, so if you were getting the bonus, you should have received it by now. Depending on the HIT and the batch, the most we've seen earn a bonus is 97% of workers, the least amount so far has been 86% of workers... (these percentages are based off of batch sizes of 240 submitted assignments, so if you've earned it - good job!)

    Thanks again!

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