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    Heya AMT Workers!

    We are developing an art project (investigative performance) and looking for Workers to participate in it. We are paying $10. Have a look at the full instructions please and leave your details if you’re interested :

    Just so you know, we are an artist duo with no budget; it’s voluntary for us and we’re investing time and money from our own pocket. We know that for a Zoom call $10 is not as much - we are sorry that we cannot afford to pay more at this time!

    We are trying to highlight the injustices within the platform, and rather than trying to find people to collaborate with, we believe it’s fair to provide at least a symbolic reward for their times and energies. That’s why we’re not looking for Workers who would do this just because it’s a HIT and it’s money, but because they also see its contribution to the bigger picture.

    I wrote a research paper on this topic which you can see here:

    Please contact us if you have any questions at

    Best, Shepherd’s Office

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