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    This is a "CrowdSource is a great company" thread so if you don't like them and don't want to hear it, there's your warning.

    I have a notoriously bad approval/rejection rate with mTurk because the second major round of HITs that Amazon put up during the 2005 beta test had a notoriously high rejection rate. It was difficult to match a band name with the right CD cover art in a way that would satisfy Amazon. So I ended up with over 2200 rejections in 2005 and probably 15,000 approvals.

    With the way requesters have gotten strict about approval rate quals these days, there's a lot on mTurk that's not available to me. Sometime between the last time I did work for CrowdSource and the past two days, they added a >= 95% approval qual.

    I was sure that that was the end of my being able to do work for them, despite no rejections for my CS work and only 2 rejections from my other major requester in 6 years. But I asked anyway because you never know what will happen.

    CrowdSource actually changed their quals based on my request (not for the writing stuff of course). I didn't ask for a specific change, or an overall change FYI. I was kind of hoping in my mind that there was a unique qual they could give me that would let me slip past the approval rating based on the work I've already done for them (no rejections) but didn't think such a thing existed. I'm sure it probably doesn't, but what they did do is drop the approval rating qual from >= 95% to >= 85%, and added one for at least 200 HITs approved.

    I hope this favor they've done for me (and everyone because these apply to all) doesn't allow poor quality work to sneak in and I'll understand if they have to change it back. But for now I can do their work again.

    That is the best response I've ever had from a requester. Granted, it's a pretty unique situation. But it was the best possible outcome for my problem and all I had to do was ask.

    CrowdSource is top tier in my book.

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