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    Title: Psychology experiment on diagnosing alien diseases | Accept
    Requester: NYU Computational Cognition Lab [A2O6BB9HXEUXX1] Contact
    TV: [Hrly=$11.39] [Pay=Fair] [Approval=~24 hrs] [Comm=Unrated] [Rej=0] [Blk=0]
    TO: [Pay=3.45] [Fast=3.90] [Comm=3.78] [Fair=4.54] [Reviews=96] [ToS=0]
    TO2: No Reviews
    Reward: 8.00
    Duration: 1:00:00
    Available: 1
    Description: In this task you will be a medical assistant to diagnose the cause of some alien patients' symptoms. You will need to learn how some alien disease works under our guidance first. Please read each case carefully and give your best possible judgements!
    Qualifications: Total approved HITs GreaterThanOrEqualTo 0; HIT approval rate (%) GreaterThanOrEqualTo 95; Location EqualTo US
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