Help us diagnose Autism in Kids (1 question Hit, $0.40 pay)

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    We are a university research team developing a large language model to detect and diagnose autism in kids. To achieve this, we are collecting examples of behavior from individuals who have interacted with people diagnosed with autism.

    Currently, we are conducting pilot HITs to assess which demographics and professions yield good data. Specifically, we are interested in individuals with a Graduate Degree (GD), Mturk Masters (MM), and those in Healthcare (HC) or Education (ED) professions. Based on the results of these HITs, we plan to launch a larger study requesting around a thousand responses.

    To participate, you will need to complete a 2–3-minute qualification task, which will enable you to work on approximately 30 HITs. I will be accepting qualification requests twice a day to expedite the process.

    HIT Details:

    • Title: Provide examples of autism behavior you have witnessed
    • Requester: prosantabarai
    • Qualification: ASD survey qualification (see it in turkerview) & at most 1 from (GD, MM, HC, ED)
    • Keywords: Autism, ASD, University Survey, Health care, Research
    • Duration: ~2 minutes per HIT
    • Reward: $0.40 per HIT

    I am sharing this here to build my own worker community for future studies.

    Please note that I am a new requester and apologize for any inadvertent mistakes. I am open to suggestions and feedback.

    Thank you for your participation!

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