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    New HIT: Water quality in New England (USA)

    Dear mTurk community,

    We are a new requester, operating from Clark University, MA (USA). Our AMT name is “Clark University - GPMI”.

    We are conducting a survey on possible programs that could improve water quality in New England (USA). We would like to know if people like you would support possible programs that would improve water quality in rivers and streams.

    Over the next few weeks we will post a series of HITs under the heading

    "New England Water Quality Survey”.

    To qualify for this HIT, you must be a resident of Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire and/or Maine (USA). The HIT may be open to residents of other selected US states in the future.

    Compensation is $3. We will honor any serious effort and payment will be swift.

    Each HIT includes the following tasks:

    1. Read & agree to a brief consent form (university policy...)

    2. Answer a few preliminary questions.

    3. Answer the main survey questions. This will require about 20 minutes. We will ask you to review information and maps on possible water quality changes in New England and answer a series of related questions.

    4. Finally, answer some simple questions about you and your household, to make sure all groups are fairly represented.

    Only one of these HITs can be completed per worker. Even if we republish this HIT, you can only complete the survey once. If you try to take the survey again, you will be told you do not qualify.

    We are looking forward to working with all of you, and to a fruitful exchange of opinion and information at this Forum!

    With kind regards,
    Tom Ndebele, Clark University

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