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    FUN TASK: Write a sarcastic paraphrase for a literal and explain the reason for it
    Requester: Smaranda Muresan
    Reward: $0.30 per task Tasks available: 0 Duration: 1 Hour
    Qualifications Required: HIT Approval Rate (%) for all Requesters' HITs greater than 98, Number of HITs Approved greater than 5000, Location is one of CA, GB, US, Masters has been granted

    We are a group of natural language processing (NLP) researchers from Columbia University, conducting academic research about figurative language understanding. We want to use machine learning to understand and interpret figurative language. Below you will see a sentence that is LITERAL in nature. Please type in the two separate text boxes the two subtasks 1) a reframing of the literal sentence that is a SARCASTIC paraphrase of it and 2) The explanation so as to why this sarcasm is appropriate for the literal. Sarcasm refers to the use of words that mean the opposite of what you really want to say, especially in order to insult someone, or to show irritation, or just to be funny.

    For example, for the sentence

    I think it's dumb how most college students pay $35k+ just to party.

    a SARCASTIC reframing is

    College students today are extremely judicious about money given they pay a mere sum of $35k+ just for partying.

    The explanation for this could be

    35K$ is a huge sum of money and students paying such exorbitant tuition should focus more on education than partying.

    The SARCASTIC reframing should be faithful and consistent to the literal input and make sure you use some sort of humor and/or incongruity to your basic commonsense about everyday events and concepts. Please try and be creative and avoid using simple rephrasing or only single-word replacements or just negation. Your explanations should be logical, detailed, and easy to understand. DO NOT COPY THE LITERAL INPUT IN THE BOXES. We will reject hits for such cases.

    For example:

    Literal Sentence: I think it's dumb how most college students pay $35k+ just to party.

    1. Please write in the text box a SARCASTIC reframing that is faithful and consistent to the literal:

    2. Please write in the text box an explanation for your proposed reframing:

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