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    Hello everyone,

    CLASP AMT Team is currently publishing HITs where workers are asked to evaluate textual descriptions of images across several questions. There are 4 questions overall and answering them does not take much time. Furthermore, all you have to do is to move a slider point to answer each of these four questions.

    However, we have some strict requirements for these HITs (being a Master Worker, in particular). But everyone who fits these conditions is more than welcome to work on our tasks! We normally approve HITs within a single day =)

    So if you are interested in our tasks, please look for 'CLASP AMT' within the search field on AMT.
    'Rate Descriptions of Images [a short questionnaire]' would work as well.

    Thank you and looking forward to seeing your submissions!

    Nikolai on behalf of the CLASP AMT Team.
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    Thank you for letting us know. I'll go find the tasks.

    Good luck with your studies.
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