Share your photos on Trove and get paid (**US only**)

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    **Note: Trove is U.S. only**

    Hi everyone,

    I'd like to invite you to try Trove, a new app that gives people an opportunity to contribute to AI projects by submitting their photos to help train AI models and get paid.

    The goal of the app is to provide a unique way for everyone to participate in the development of AI while choosing how your photos are used. We provide the legal and privacy framework for licensing your photos and you get paid for approved photos. Recent projects look for original everyday objects (keys, doorways, etc.), supporting technology for the visually impaired and low vision community.

    >> Get Trove on Google Play or the web app <<

    For people outside of US, you can help us decide where to go next and request Trove in your country. Join the community to get updates about Trove on its subreddit.

    How does payment work?
    Payment is currently available through PayPal. So far the projects have been $0.25-$0.60/photo but the exact amount per approved photo will range depending on the project.

    People contributing on Trove can work with us to figure out the right prices for future projects by providing feedback through our forum on Reddit.

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