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    "TrackEngine" is a service that can help to keep track of changes to web pages.

    (Note: I'm not affiliated with TrackEngine. I just use it.)

    I think it should be possible to use TrackEngine to help you keep track of changes to the CW style guide. This is not guaranteed, but perhaps it may be worth a try.

    Here is how you could set up change-tracking for the main page of the style guide.

    Go to:

    Register a free account. Log in.
    The TrackEngine "My Bookmarks" page should appear.

    Click the "Create bookmark" link (located in one of the blue bars on the page).

    (Note: There is no need to create a "folder". Just click "Create bookmark".)

    A new browser window or tab will open, displaying the "Track this page..." data entry form.

    On the right side of that page, click the "Expert" link, so that you can view all of the available tracking options.

    For more information about any option on that page, click the question-mark beside the option.

    Under "Basic settings", the first box is labeled "Track this page". Paste the main style guide page URL into that box.

    In the 2nd box, enter a title for the bookmark, such as: "Tracking changes to the CW style guide".

    In the "How often" menu, choose the frequency with which you want to track the page (daily, or every 2 or 3 days, or weekly).

    In the "Please analyze and format" menu, choose: "Summarize new content and send me the page".

    You can explore the other options, but you probably won't need to make any further changes.

    Scroll down to the bottom of the page, and click the "OK" button to save your tracking bookmark.

    Return to the original window or tab where the "My Bookmarks" page is displayed. Your new tracking bookmark should now be listed there.

    Each bookmark tracks just one page (URL). The tracker should check the page at the frequency you specified, and should notify you by email after a change has been detected.

    You can create additional bookmarks to track other pages. There is a limit of 5 bookmarks for a free account.
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    Thank you so much! I just set up an account to track any changes.

    Something that I've been doing for myself, sort of an on-the-fly CW style guide, is keeping a list of the notes made in any of my corrections. Before I submit a transcript, I just take a quick peek over at the bullet list I've made to see if my transcript contains anything I've already been corrected on, so I don't make the same mistake twice.
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    That's a good idea. I too began compiling a style "checklist" even before submitting my first transcript. Lately I've been neglecting my list, but your reply reminds me to continue using and updating it.

    My checklist includes short notes about: selected points from the style guide, some advice received from feedback and support, some notes about personal style choices etc., and some unresolved questions.
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