Upload screenshots of built-in "Screen Time” on iPhone and Install a software on your computer ($15)

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    Hi Turkers,

    I am a researcher and I would like to promote a new HIT that may be of interest to you. This is a series of 5 HITs that will pay $15 in total over 3 weeks. In the first HIT ($3), you will be asked to install an app on your computer. In the second HIT ($3), you will install a Chrome Extension that moderates your social media usage (e.g. may stop you from using social media too much). If you keep both software, we will issue $3 per week just for a quick follow-up survey about Screen Time on your iPhone and your mturk statistics weekly for the next three weeks.



    This study will collect your productivity pulse on your computer and your phone, and record the time you spent on different applications. I am a researcher from a renowned university and I treat your privacy extremely seriously. You will not need to register for a personal account, but I will provide a pre-registered account for you to sign in. Here is our privacy policy: https://help.focusextension.xyz/faq

    In short, you will get paid $15 over three weeks for:

    1. Install RescueTime on your computer and keep it running while your computer is on.

    2. Install a Chrome Extension and only use Chrome as your browser.

    3. Turn on the iOS’s built-in “Screen Time” on your iPhone and upload screenshots of it weekly.

    Note the following requirements:

    1. You must have an iPhone as your main phone. A backup phone does not count.

    2. You must use Chrome browser exclusively on your computer for three weeks (starting from the first HIT).

    I am very responsive to any questions or concerns. I would love to pay and recruit serious participants who may be interested in the study. The relatively low approval rate shown on MTurk was due to because I did not specify any qualification on MTurk when I first posted, and a lot of turkers did not read the instruction at all and did not install the software.

    You can read reviews from workers here: https://turkopticon.ucsd.edu/reports?id=A27C54N65EUXIV (I am a relatively new requester so there isn’t much review yet, but in total it should take you less than an hour to complete all the HITs across three weeks).

    Please search for “Upload screenshots of built-in "Screen Time” on iPhone and Install a software on your computer ($15)” on MTurk. It will require a master qualification, HITs approved 500, approval rate 80%, and aged between 18-35.

    Please feel free to contact me at focusextension2020@gmail.com.
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