A very short survey (5 - 10 min) for $0.15

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    Hi everyone,

    I have posted a psychological research experiment on MTurk. I am trying to keep the condition for turkers here and those who stumbled into the experiment directly on mturk.com more equivalent, so I can't divulge more information here (my apologies). Thanks for checking us out!

    I can't post links because my post count is <5. Please find us on TO and MTurk using the respective keywords.

    Title: Psychological experiment
    Requester: cog.sci.research [A2I27PKKB2CHYB]
    Description: This is a psychological experiment. It should take 5-10 minutes.
    Reward: $0.15
    Qualifications: HIT Approval Rate (%) for all Requesters' HITs greater than or equal to 95, Location is UNITED STATES, Number of HITs Approved greater than 0
    Link: groupId=2ZSQUQIHPCGJ7BDAY9N53H0PSPS06D

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