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    Welcome to mTurk Forum. This article is designed to give you all the basic resources you should have for working on Amazon’s Mechanical Turk.

    * Links updated 01/30/2013 - Please PM Cowfin if you find any broken links or want to add a script link.​

    BROWSERS: I recommend using either Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. Both of these browsers have support for scripts and Turkopticon. (See below.)

    SCRIPTS: Scripts are great tools to help you get a general overview of your progress while turking, and choose the best, safest HITs. Here are some of the most used scripts on the forum, with the exception of Turkopticon, which has its own section below.

    Each script listed is available in the “Scripts” section of the forum.

    For a guide on how to install scripts for each browser, visit the following websites:
    Chrome: For Chrome users, Tampermonkey is reccommended. The company behind Tampermonkey has a detailed FAQ available that describes installation and use of the extension. This FAQ is available here.

    MTurk Hit DB: This script allows you to keep track of HITs you have completed, as well as amounts heard in a downloadable database. HIT DB also offers functionality to block requesters, show projected earnings, show pending earnings, see the auto approval time of a HIT, and see a running total of your earnings with individual requesters. For a description of each feature, see the Obsolete Scripts section below.

    Expanded Header Info: This script adds your current paid balance and worker ID to the Mechanical Turk header. This makes it more convenient to cut-and-paste your worker ID whenever a HIT asks for it.

    Status Page Chart: This script color codes the Mechanical Turk status page and adds a useful chart that shows the relation between your HITs completed and pay to the bottom of the page. Use this to study your Turking trends and get an idea of your overall performance.

    Time Tracker: This script measures the relation between time spent working on HITs and money earned. Use it to see how many dollars per hour you are making. Use it in conjunction with the Status Page Chart script to add a $/hr line to the chart on the status page. Note that you must MANUALLY start and stop the timer every time you start and finish working. Failure to do so will lead to wildly inaccurate results.

    Worst Case Scenario Calculator: This script gives you some peace of mind by adding some new statistics to the Mechanical Turk dashboard. It tells you three things: what your approval rate would be if all currently pending HITs were to be rejected, how many rejections you can take until your approval rating reaches 99%, and how many rejections you can take until your approval rating reaches 95%.

    MTurk Great HIT Export: This script adds a small button next to the name of a HIT, and when you click that button, a box appears with information ready to copy and paste into the daily HITs thread.

    TURKOPTICON: Available at, this script for Firefox and Chrome allows you to see ratings of a requester and determine whether or nor you will want to work for them. This is useful to avoid unwarranted rejections.

    TURKALERT: The best HITs come and go very fast, and more often than not, you will have no idea that you missed them. With TurkAlert, you can get email notifications every time your favorite requesters post new HITs. Sign up at
    NOTE: Page Monitor works as a far better alternative, providing faster and more reliable alerts. For more information about Page Monitor, please see the Page Monitor guide here.

    Individual Scripts Made Obsolete by HIT DB - These functionality of these HITs has been implemented into mTurk HIT DB, and as a result, the scripts are no longer needed separately, but can be used if you prefer everything to operate independently.

    Projected Earnings: This script counts up your HITs for the day, both pending and approved, to give you an earnings estimate for the day so far. It does not account for possible rejections or bonuses and assumes that all HITs you do will get approved.

    Pending Earnings: This script adds up all of the HITs you have done that are pending approval over the last 30 days. It does not account for bonuses or possible rejections.
    Note: This script only updates when you click on it within your dashboard.

    Block Requesters: This script adds a small [x] next to each requesters name so you can block them from your search results. This is useful when searching for HITs so the same HIT does not appear for page after page, or if there is a certain requester that posts many HITs you do not do.

    Auto-Approval Time: This script adds a section to the HIT preview that tells you how long a HIT will take to approve if the requester does not do it themselves. This is useful for batch HITs from an unknown requester to see if they are safe to do.

    If you need help, feel free to PM me, "Cowfin" on the forum.

    -Provided by Cowfin

    -Edited and Additional Information
    Provided by Dallasa

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