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    newly approved for turking! so excited!

    My goals for becoming a worker on mturk are:

    • supplement my income (which mostly disappeared when I was laid off)
    • do my limit 100 HITs a day for the first week, focusing on surveys 80% and batches 20% to get my numbers up
    • get some qualifications going - am interested in any approaches to this
    • my financial goal for the first month is 60 dollars per week

    Mturk appeals to me because:

    • I am a visual-oriented learner
    • I like details and believe they are important
    • I prefer words and language to numbers and maths
    • formerly I worked as an analyst doing research and classification for a procurement and sourcing organization
    • I used to do a little transcribing in a previous job and I loved it
    • I enjoy organizing and tagging things, bringing order to the chaos
    • date started 9/7/2013
    • progress 0.00%
    thanks for reading my post y'all
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    Nicely laid out plan and I'm sure you're doing great by now. You will get 60 easy as it seems you have a good grasp of things here early on.
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