howto QR code pass info to phone without email

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    I just got an android phone recently so I could do phone Hits
    and swagbucks TV with the sbtv app.
    I had been using email to pass info to the phone from desktop
    but there is a slightly cleaner way with QR codes.
    a special type of bar code you have probably seen before.

    you can also pass text as well as URL's.
    here is a local offline page that uses pure javascript to
    generate the QR code.

    download their latest html page somewhere and make a bookmark,
    enter some text and hit the button.
    you have to do a screencapture to save the image if you need that.

    you can get a QR reader for your phone, any of them will work.
    some of the new phones have the QR reader builtin already.
    just hold the phone steady with the image in view and you should
    see the info and have the option to copy or goto a url now.

    you can also create a QR code image using google chart api with a URL tacked on to the end.
    if you are online and just need the URL (from a lifehacker post)
    it wouldn't take much to turn it into a bookmarklet to prompt for the URL

    my swagbucks referrer as a QR code
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    if you need to send more than a few words or URL,
    probably most people are using some cloud service for transferring files
    screenshot images or other media
    googledrive, onedrive or dropbox and many others.

    another good option for transferring with ftp program or from browser
    swiftp ftp server for android
    install & run the apk, it sets up username password
    and gives you the address to use.
    works on existing network, wifi or internet connection.

    *probably unwise to leave it running all the time
    ** have to enable install from file in settings,
    then google will offer to check & install
    *** standard data rates may apply here.

    someone else will have to comment if ftp would be easier or faster
    than a cloud server app with a voice or snapshot hit.
    I usually don't qualify with an android4.0 phone
    with limited data and slow connection they rarely pay well enough anyway.
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