Interesting Survey on Life Satisfaction

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    Hi guys,

    Happy New Year! Great to be on this forum, first time to post here!

    Title: A survey about happiness and life satisfaction
    Remuneration: $0.75
    Anticipated time to complete: 6-7 min at most

    Minimum quals: >=98% HIT approval, >=10,000 approved HITS, location= USA

    1. On the HIT page, there is a link to a demo (allows you to try out the survey and get familiar with the features) and another link for the actual survey. The survey to take around 6-7 minutes max.

    2. Please ignore my TO rating. The reviews are from 2012 when another researcher was using the MTURK account for my lab.

    3. It would be appreciated if you can leave any feedback/remarks about my survey on this thread.


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