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    Hey, everyone! My name is Sammy and I live in the Los Angeles area and I just joined turk a few days ago. Today was the first day I was able to actually do anything and it's going well so far! I downloaded turkopticon and am being careful about which tasks I complete... One question I have for all of you with experience! What should be my first goal or goals as a newbie at all of this? :eek:
  2. Hello, Welcome. You should join the thread for the "Great Hits" (a new thread is made daily), if you would like. In the thread chit-chat takes place, Hits are shared, and other members give advice and guidance of sorts to improve as a turker. I'm no turking expert. However, I suggest to try and max out as close to 100 Hits per day during your 10 day probation period (with the least/none rejections). Hopefully, in no time you are able to pass 1,000 Hits. The more hits you complete, the more Hits that will open up for you to work on and have a bigger cushion to take rejections (and not have a low percentage rating of work completed). Lastly, if you need any help, do not hesitate to reach out. May your turking career be prosperous.
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