Receiving Secret Key At End Of Survey

Discussion in 'General' started by Dennis Marks, May 27, 2021.

  1. Dennis Marks

    Mar 8, 2020
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    I have received the following error for months. It probably occurs 80% of the time when receiving a secret key that is generated by Qualtrics. I just enter the URL as indicated and submit and I get a secret key which I submit with no problem. Do others see the same error and is there a way around it?

    Your Secret Key is:
    CD Error: Dynamic Secret Parameters Missing (This message should not appear when your Qualtrics survey is viewed starting from a launched Mechanical Turk link)
    If you do not see your secret code then do the following:
    Input your entire URL found in the address bar into the textbox below and click submit
    Enter your URL Submit
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    Jul 16, 2012
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    Yes I and the others get the same thing. It's an issue on their end. As long as there's a way to get the code by putting in the URL, it works. Before there would be nothing like that. They know there are issues so they added this URL thing in case the code doesn't work.

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