The Joys of being New to Turking

Discussion in 'Goals' started by PancakeDrizzles, Jun 25, 2014.

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    Jun 23, 2014
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    I started Turking this past weekend and made (don't laugh now) 0.12 on my first day. My defense was I got hit with the flu mid-day and was in tragic pain, and my requester's haven't paid up for about 40 hits.

    The Second day I clocked in 0.39. Clearly I was not made for this game.

    The Third day I broke the cent barrier and made 1.72

    Day Four I made a whopping (I said no laughing now) $4.07 with around $4 pending

    So now I realize, its all in the confidence. Tell your self you're going to make $5, and you will. I'm still learning how to navigate the system. Still throwing myself at penny batches and the occasional survey (I'm afraid of jumping ahead, and producing crap work which would result in multiple rejections). Those receipt transcriptions look daunting.

    I predict by next week I'll be making a steady $7 a day, since I'll be flu free and I'm free all day (I mean it. I wake up at 8:00 AM and I shut down 1:00 AM the next day)

    Hey, Maybe I'll make my $200 Goal by August! In the meantime I'll be getting more acquainted with Mturk:)
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    watch the greatest hits thread across the morning. or just sort by surveys that you qual for worth at least a dollar. once the dollar ones are gone, work down to 50's and 75's. early on look for numbers rather than dollars, you need to get approvals to level up and unlock more gigs.
    Watch the greatest hits thread. it moves fast, so that's an all day thing. but sitting in there just doing the hits posted, even if you CBA to do a single search of your own you'll do better than that

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