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    I have been using Mturk Suite Hit Finder as my main page, If I select O or P in the hit catcher where do the caught hits go. Are they only on the main MTurk page under "your hits queue" or do they also appear on the Hit Finder page? Does the clock for the HIT begin as soon as it is caught? If I therefore have many hits in a queue will time run out on some of them. Is that bad for statistics?

    I am trying to stay away from multiple apps. What is the best way to use Mturk Suite? I am already using the Block and Include Lists. I am not really sure I want to use the hit catcher.
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    The caught HITs go into your queue. Yes, under 'your HITs queue'. I usually make a tab of my queued HITs so that way it's easier for me to just click it open without going to my dashboard.

    Hit Finder just displays HITs. It does not store your caught HITs.

    The clock for the HIT does begin as soon as it is caught so you do have to make sure that it doesn't expire. Yes they may run out of time if you don't get to them on time. Just catch enough HITs that you can do. No it isn't bad for statistics. Requesters don't pay attention to returned or expired HITs.

    Best way to use Mturk Suite? I use it in Chrome on my computer. Block and include HITs are great. I don't care for the HIT catcher myself but it is included in the Mturk Suite. There's another script that catches HIT just like HIT Catcher called Panda Crazy. I like it better.

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